Dempo Maju Cemerlang


Activities PT Dempo Maju Cemerlang nagari Salido, the South Coast has entered the stage of detailed research. For non-technical activities have also been carried out with the owners and the local community of the signing of the MOU dated February 7, 2009 between the company and the land owner and Nagari.

For the activity of exploration, most stages are done. Mid-2009 began trial production, the results are quite encouraging diproleh. However, this activity has not been maximized because testing techniques and tools used are still very simple. Referring refenrensi obtained from some, to maximize the production of necessary equipment and adequate experts.

Because of them that, at this time Dempo Group is exploring how prospective strategic partners to develop the technology to prepare pengolohan decent working capital.

tambang batubara4


tambang batubara


Location   :  Kenagarian Salido Tambang, Kecamatan IV Jurai, Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan

Type Minerals   :  Base Metal, Gold DMP

Regional Accomplished  :  Padang – Salido Tambang 76 Km

Access Road  :  Provincial roads  – Tambang 7 Km

legality Mining  :  KP Eksplorasi, nomor 60/DKP.3/BANG/II/2007   2500.00 Ha

IUP Operasi Produksi, nomor 516/476/Kpts/BPT-PS/2009  195.00 Ha

Last Activity  :  Detail is conducting exploration activities